Tweaking Prepared Meals

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How to fool your guests!

When my husband and I lived in London, the big thing was to have “posh” dinner parties and disguise Marks & Spencer’s prepared food and make it your own. The key was making sure there was no packaging left in the kitchen for any of the guests to see. 

Last night, my daughter and I were rummaging through the fridge and freezer for something for dinner. I almost always have a frozen pizza for emergencies! I pulled out a Pesto & Arugula Pizza. The frozen tomatoes looked a bit over the edge, so I pulled them off, picked some fresh from the garden, threw on some Gruyère cheese. Once it was done, I drizzled it with some balsamic glaze. I have to say it was pretty damn good considering the hardest thing I did was open a bottle of wine.

Fresh & Easy Gourmet Pesto & Arugula Pizza Tweaking PIzza

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Author: Leslie Blythe