Turkey Devonshire Sandwich

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October 25, 2015

The Turkey Devonshire Sandwich, sometimes simply called a Devonshire, originated in the 1930s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. It is typically served as a hot open faced sandwich on toasted bread with hot turkey, bacon, tomatoes, and a cheese sauce. It was created by Frank Blandi (1907-1999), who first served them at The Stratford Club in Pittsburgh's Shadyside neighborhood.

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 30 mins
  • Yields: 1 Serving


1Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

2Fry bacon and remove from pan, drain and set aside.

3Melt ¾ stick butter in deep pan and add flour, stirring constantly. Add chicken the broth and stir, then add the hot milk and stir, then add cheese and salt. Bring to boil, then reduce heat. Cook slowly for 20 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and cool to lukewarm.

4Whip cheese sauce with wire beater until smooth.

5Place 1 slice toast in a casserole dish and top with 3 slices bacon, then add 5 slices turkey. Cover with the whipped cheese sauce. Sprinkle with a little melted butter, Parmesan cheese, and paprika.

6Bake 10-15 minutes until golden brown.


4 slices toast

12 slices crisp bacon

20 thin slices cooked turkey breast

3/8 cup butter, melted

1 cup flour

1/4 lb grated cheddar cheese

1 pint chicken broth

1 pint hot milk

1 teaspoon salt

parmesan cheese



6 Reviews

Kurt Kaskie

November 28, 2017

My foster sons never heard of or have had a Devonshire. I love them but hard to find in the city now. Thanks for the recipe I want to make the cheese sauce right!! I want them to enjoy it as much as I do !!

Leslie Blythe

December 26, 2015

My Dad is crazy for this and is always asking me to make it again! Unfortunately, we made ham yesterday, so I don’t have any leftover turkey!


December 26, 2015

This was served at a staff cafeteria at Lee hospital many years ago . It was a variation of this served with fresh asparagus instead of bacon. One of my favorites Did not realize it originated in Pittsburgh. Will make it today with left over turkey


October 26, 2015

Well this has my name all over it, definitely one to try!


October 26, 2015

These are really good but very rich–not something to have too often but to enjoy when you do!

barbara barna abel

October 26, 2015

I love this regional sandwich theme you have going on this month!!

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