The East Villa Cocktail

By Leslie Blythe    

December 4, 2017

Grapefruit and vodka is no new pairing, not by a long shot; the Salty Dog is a testament to that. If, like us, you have a winter crop of grapefruit, then finding new uses for this fruit is a great thing. The East Villa cocktail is a variation on an old theme—a lighter, fresher, herbal take on the classic Greyhound. Rosemary gives this an herbal edge while the sparkling grapefruit soda (you can use plain soda water) gives this drink a a lift that evokes summer coolers, well into fall and winter.


1In a double Old Fashioned glass, put one measure of vodka, one half measure of Cointreau (or other triple sec) over ice. Stir with a stalk of fresh Rosemary and top up with soda water (or a flavored water like La Croix Grapefruit).


The Juice of one fresh Grapefruit

One measure vodka

One half measure Cointreau

Club Soda

Rosemary sprigs


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