Pumpkin Flavored Everything

It’s a bit of a rant! Pumpkin season is getting earlier each year. And I don’t mean the crop. At major chains, nearly 20% of all pumpkin food items now are introduced in August, when temperatures in many parts of the country still are sweltering. Pumpkin-flavored items went from reaching 6% to 14.5% of U.S. […]

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  September 23, 2015   1 comment

Potato Poppers

Latke Macaroons Last night, I attempted to make this potato recipe for dinner. I should not have done this. I was way too tired to cook and the box grater fell behind the damn twirling corner cabinet (who invented those anyway?). I spent 25 minutes trying to extract the DAMN grater using a yard stick, […]

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  September 17, 2012   2 comments

The Last Supper

May 21st Doomsday will be SO much more fun if you have a shirt to go with it!  Get your Judgement Day 2011 shirts now before it’s too late! So, basically, if your caught wearing one of these shirts on Sunday, you’ve gone to hell in a hand basket, because you are a heathen and […]

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  May 20, 2011   1 comment

A Prize in Every Box!

As a child, the ONLY reason I wanted to go to the grocery store with my mother, was to go the cereal aisle.  The main reason was to scan the selves for the best prize inside.  Sadly, we now live in an overly cautious, wear a bike helmut, seat belt (how many of you slide […]

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  March 29, 2011   1 comment

Stir the Pot!

I’m sure I will get in some kind of hot water for this, but I suppose I should bring up Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress that she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards.  I personally think it’s brilliant.  I love watching all the “special” interest groups up in arms.   People take things way to seriously, […]

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  September 14, 2010   2 comments


We are moving in 5 days.  Yikes!  We are only moving .78 miles away, which actually makes it more difficult because I am not bubble wrapping my dishes, etc.  I have WAY too many dishes – having said that, I do use them all.  Yesterday, I went through my kitchen cupboards and was amazed at […]

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  June 10, 2010   2 comments

Molecular Gastronomy – Part 2

I’m not sure where to begin.  Last night we were invited to a dinner at a private club.  It was a thank you dinner for being on committee.  Great, nice “free” dinner, this is good.  The person in charge wanted to make it “extra” (picture me using air quotes) special for the 30 guests.  Spanish […]

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  May 27, 2010   2 comments

Molecular Gastronomy

Last week, my husband and I were invited to a wine tasting event at a private club, which was wonderful.  There was an interesting selection of wines to taste, and one of our favorites – Heitz Grignolino Rosé which is a wonderfully crisp wine.  We love drinking (dry!) rosé in the summer. Anyway, they had […]

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  May 24, 2010   3 comments

Theater of the Absurd

After surfing the net in an incredibly random way, I found out that the best restaurant in the world at this very moment is Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Here are some specialties on the menu: Salsify and milk skin Truffle from Gotland Langoustine and seawater Parsley and rye Chestnuts and bleak roe Walnuts and cress […]

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  May 6, 2010   1 comment