Cranberry Liqueur

Presented in small decanters or glass bottles, Cranberry Liqueur makes a memorable gift. Attach a gift tag and include the following: “Cranberry Cosmopolitan: 1/2 cup Cranberry Liqueur, 1/4 cup Cointreau, 2 tablespoons lime juice. Mix with 1 cup crushed ice; strain into martini glass. Makes 2 cocktails.” 2 cups sugar 1 cup water 1 (12-ounce) […]

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  October 22, 2009   No comments

The Classic Manhattan Cocktail

The Bitter Truth All of my life, my father’s favorite drink has been the Manahattan–that classic cocktail made with whiskey, sweet red vermouth, a dash of bitters and a cherry. Traditionally made with Bourbon or Rye whiskey and Angastura bitters, I am told that they are delicious–I never touch the stuff, myself. My father, being […]

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  September 24, 2009   No comments

Lots O’ Liqueurs

My friend, BRADY, stayed with us for a week. One day he came home with a box o’ liqueurs, which equals lots o’ headaches! We had a tasting (actually a few) with some friends and voted on our favorites. The one on the left is called Domain de Canton, which is an exquisite ginger liqueur […]

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  September 14, 2009   4 comments

Purrrrfect Pear Martini

My husband, Eric, came home early tonight.  He handed me an ice cold, pear martini.  It was so smooth.  I do not usually drink spirits, but I made an exception last night. He used Rose’s Pear Infusions, which I bought at Target, and vodka.  You can also just add club soda, but then how fun […]

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  September 2, 2009   4 comments

The Ritz Dunhill Cocktail

When Two Senses Collide My husband, my friend Brady and my father all love things from British tobacconist turned luxury goods purveyor, Dunhill. Their belts, ties, leather goods and their colognes are all favorites. I think that if any of them smoked pipes they would smoke Dunhill tobacco in Dunhill pipes. One of the best […]

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  August 20, 2009   3 comments

Vodka Gimlet

Vodka Gimlet 2 oz vodka 2 Tbs Rose’s lime juice Ice Shake and strain. Garnish with Lime wedge The Gimlet, along with the Martini and Manhattan, make up the holy trinity of classic “straight up” cocktails—a tippler’s trifecta.  Okay, you could add in the Sidecar and Pegu Club, but that is for another post. Originally, […]

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  August 12, 2009   12 comments