Honey Lime & Sriracha Shrimp

And my tour of the Sriracha Factory! I made an appointment and brought my husband with me. It turns out we were the only 2 people on the tour. After watching some videos in the reception room, we were whisked away on a red tram to tour the facility, which by the way is 650,000 square […]

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  September 6, 2017   No comments

Puffy Chile Relleno Casserole

Christmas Catering…. My last catering gig before Christmas – making 4 main dishes to serve 8 people for a good friend.  Here is one of the recipes. Puffy Chile Relleno Casserole Serves 8 2-3 cans (7oz each) whole chiles 4 corn tortillas cut in wide strips 1 lb Jack cheese, shredded 1 Large tomato, sliced 8 […]

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  December 22, 2010   No comments

Shishito Peppers

Little Tokyo at 100 Degrees Farneheit! Yesterday, I roamed aimlessly around Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles in the 100 degree heat.  I walked through many supermarkets, “gift shops”, clothing stores, Hello Kitty shops, etc.  I can’t get enough of all that little, beautifully designed stuff they sell. For instance, erasers that come in every single […]

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  August 25, 2010   No comments

Hatch Green Chile Rice

Ahh, The Searing Aroma We had a wonderful time this year picking up our Hatch chiles, because we included some friends that are equally obsessed with these New Mexican gems. One of my favorite “side effects” of excursion is that the seared chile aroma lingers in my car for about a week. They should sell […]

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  August 16, 2010   No comments

Roasted Green Chile Salsa

The Hatch Hook UP Well tomorrow is that day that I pick up 72 pounds of Hatch green chilies at 10:30 am PST.  My freezer (in the garage) is empty, in chilly (get it?) anticipation! I guess I will need to host some “hot luck” parties soon, though I need to discern from my posse […]

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  August 21, 2009   No comments

Chili Verde

The Hatch Green Chile Debacle As most of you already know, my brain temporarily left the building yesterday. I was watching an episode of Huell Howser a few nights ago doing a piece on Hatch New Mexican chiles. They are sold in the months of August and September. They roast them when you pick them […]

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  August 6, 2009   3 comments