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Vodka Gimlet

Vodka Gimlet 2 oz vodka 2 Tbs Rose’s lime juice Ice Shake and strain. Garnish with Lime wedge The Gimlet, along with the Martini and Manhattan, make up the holy trinity of classic “straight up” cocktails—a tippler’s trifecta.  Okay, you could add in the Sidecar and Pegu Club, but that is for another post. Originally, […]

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  August 12, 2009   12 comments

Pizza – Part 1

One of my major obsessions (and I have many) is Pizza. Just think about it – it covers all the food groups in one meal! I have eaten pizza in France, Italy, Spain and am on a quest to find the ultimate pizza in the US. I have 5 places that approach nirvana. First off, […]

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  August 11, 2009   7 comments


My father will shudder at this post.  He detests garlic and says he’s allergic…  I do not like to run into chunks of garlic in any dish, especially when it’s raw.  Instead of finely chopping garlic, I grate it on a fine microplane.  This creates a garlic paste, which fully incorporates the flavor into the […]

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  August 10, 2009   1 comment

Green Salad with Sauce Vinaigrette

By Julia Child Serves 6                                   2 Tbs white or red wine vinegar 1/4 tsp dry mustard (optional) 6 Tbs olive oil or vegetable oil 2 Tbs minced fresh herbs (such as basil, chives, tarragon, and/or parsley) 1 5- to 6-oz package baby greens Combine vinegar and mustard, if using, in medium bowl. Gradually whisk in […]

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  August 7, 2009   No comments

Poulet Sauté aux Herbes de Provence

by Julia Child The combination of thyme, basil, fennel seeds, and garlic gives this chicken dish a Provençal accent. The creamy sauce gets a hit of flavor from an assortment of fresh herbs. For the full experience, serve with plenty of French bread. Serves 6 Chicken: 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter 1 3- to 3 […]

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  August 7, 2009   No comments

Chili Verde

The Hatch Green Chile Debacle As most of you already know, my brain temporarily left the building yesterday. I was watching an episode of Huell Howser a few nights ago doing a piece on Hatch New Mexican chiles. They are sold in the months of August and September. They roast them when you pick them […]

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  August 6, 2009   3 comments

Sliders, have they slid too far?

The “Slider” has become trendy, high-end bar food, popping up on way too many menus. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating bar snacks instead of entrees that arrive on platters that would serve a family of four. The slider or Slyder originally came from White Castle nearly 80 years ago. When I lived in […]

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  August 5, 2009   7 comments

Grilled Handmade Sausages

I love all the wonderful handmade sausages you can buy at farmer’s markets. There are so many interesting kinds of fresh sausage these days. I usually buy a variety, though it’s a bit problematic trying to identify a specific flavor once they are grilled. Last week I bought a cast iron grill plate that fits […]

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  August 4, 2009   3 comments

Pepper Mills of Yore

I have no idea why this popped into my head, but do you remember how pepper grinders in the ‘80s got progressively bigger and bigger? It was purely an affectation and the desire for phallic extension. Didn’t you hate having to tell the waiter “WHEN” on the pepper front? You know it’s bad once the […]

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  July 24, 2009   4 comments

Frozen Grapes

Yesterday, it was HOT! I’m talking really hot – 105 degrees, plus 50% humidity hot. Southern California never has humidity. I know that anyone from the east or south would laugh. I guess if you jack up the humidity and throw in some enormous mosquitos and hundreds of other insects it might be similar.  It’s […]

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  July 20, 2009   2 comments